Finally a WAY* to fight back against Yelp.

WAY is a brainstorm of a small business owner who was tired of being treated unfairly by Yelp sales teams filtering legitimate 4 and 5 star reviews and pushing up unverified users lower 1 and 2 star reviews as leverage to strongarm their advertising and blaming Yelps algorithm. We've read thousands of reviews on Yelp from small businesses being treated the same way and no repercussion to Yelp when these actions are obvious extortion. We want to give small business a voice along with complaining on Yelps business page which is why we started this organization. If Yelp is demanding revenue for advertising from businesses and it affects their ranking on Yelps site, then it's clearly a pay for review site. Only paid advertisers get to keep their best reviews at the top of yelps list. 


If you've been treated unfairly like countless others in the small business community, please join our fight against Yelp. By removing Yelp* links from your page and adding our logo to your website, the public and businesses across the world will learn how Yelp is using extortion tactics to gain advertising profits by filtering good reviews and placing low star reviews at the top of the search.


If you've been affected in this way, please display our logo and tell others whom you know have also been affected by the Yelp bullies.The more businesses that display this logo, the more everyone will be aware. We are in the process of creating a blog and we have more information on how we can together, combat yelps harmful business practices and what we all need to do to prove what is happening by collecting which businesses have had a negative impact due to Yelp. We will inform you of when you subscribe in a monthly newsletter on our progress.


We also recommend filing a complaint against yelp with FTC.Org and with your States Attorney General. See these links for others who have been affected and look at countless other businesses on Yelps own website review page of other companies who feel they're also being extorted. 

Documentary - Complaint Website -

Yelps own reviews on Yelp -

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